Thursday, August 6, 2015

5 Flooring Types For Your Climate

When choosing a new flooring for your home, there are many things to consider: wear and tear, maintenance, ease of installation, and finally - your climate! Sometimes where you live can have a direct impact on the flooring you select. When choosing flooring in Madison, you may need to consider the cold weather as a factor in your flooring, though that doesn't have to be your MAIN consideration. Here are a few flooring varieties and how they can be influenced by your climate.

Comfy Carpets

Carpet is always a wonderful selection. It can come in rolls or tiles, and short or fuzzy fibers. There is a carpet to suit practically any of your needs! Everyday cleaning requires vacuuming, and you will find that carpet stains worse than other flooring options. You can steam clean your carpets regularly to help keep dust and dirt from inhabiting your carpet. You can also use a spray on carpet cleaner to help with stains. Whether you live in warm or cold climates, carpet is a great option. If you live in a wet, damp climate, be aware that carpet can harbor mold and mildew much easier than other flooring options.

Luxurious Laminates

This flooring is up and coming in the world! Modern technology allows for laminate to duplicate the look and texture of wood in such a way that you can hardly notice the difference between it and the real deal. The upkeep of laminate is very similar to wood, you have to take care when using water and liquids to clean it, and keep moisture to a minimum. A dust mop will definitely help you maintain the luster of your new floor. As for your climate, laminate could seem chilly, and in warm climates that would be very welcome! If you live in a cooler climate, heating elements can be installed underneath, and there is no greater feeling than walking across a warm floor on a cold morning. If you experience a lot of moisture, beware that the edges can swell and you'll have to replace the panel.

Trendy Vinyl Tiles

Luxury vinyl tile can stand up to wear and tear. So you can mop this flooring to your hearts content! Vinyl tile is suitable for any climate. It can be chilly, so if it's warm outside, you will love that! The tiles are easily replaced if you damage one, and this product is eco-friendly! This flooring is a great option no matter where you live.

Honest Hardwoods

This is such a tried and true option for flooring. It has been around for hundreds of years, through many different climates. It will be cool underfoot which makes it a great option for warm climates. You can also install heaters underneath some wood floors, which will make it absolutely magnificent in the colder climates! Damp and dry conditions can cause issues for hardwood flooring, as the dampness will cause swelling and the dryness will cause shrinking, but high-quality sealers will help guard your floor against these cracks. Another great option is engineered wood flooring, which is great for all climates!

Our showroom has many beautiful flooring options for your home, no matter where you live!  If you have any questions you can visit our flooring showroom in Madison and let our team assist you with any concerns you may have. You can generally make any flooring work in any climate, but sometimes it's a good idea to double check first. When looking for great flooring options in Madison, we have some great styles in our showroom! You will also find many of our flooring options are very compatible with heating elements under your floors, which will make your Wisconsin winters SO much more bearable! Come visit our showroom today and let our expertise help you make your home beautiful.

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