Thursday, July 30, 2015

The Sound of Silence: Soundproofing Your Home

A large reason that people are afraid of upgrading to hardwood or laminate in their home is because they fear it will be noisy. In addition, sometimes people put carpet over their hardwood floors because the noise level is much higher than they would like. At Floors For Less, we are here for all of your decisions about flooring in Madison, and we would love to answer your questions! Here are a few things you can do to help with soundproofing your rooms.

Soundproof From The Start

It's easiest to sound proof your home when you are first building, but not all hope is lost if your are re-vamping your current home. When you start from the beginning you can install sound isolating floor mats and anti-sound boards that are installed beneath your new flooring. It will help keep sound locked in place, rather than the sounds transmitting into the upper or lower levels of your home.

Absorbing the Sound

Obviously an easy solution if your home is too noisy is to add carpet. We have a great selection of beautiful carpet in Madison. Swing by and we'd love to show you how you can improve the noise level in your home by just adding carpet! If your looking for a quicker solution just changing some of the decor in your house can help! By putting a rug in your room, you will help absorb the noise in your home. You can also add nice curtains on all of your windows.

We want your home to be a place where you can relax, play and live, and we realize that your floors play a HUGE part in your lifestyle! Let our expertise in flooring save you the hassle and worry of having to figure flooring out on your own. Our flooring showroom in Madison has many options for you and your family. We are the experts on wood, laminate, carpet, LVT tile, bamboo and cork. We can walk you through the buying process and help you to create a space in your home that reflects everything that makes you unique. Stop by our showroom and let us show you what Floors for Less can do for you and your home!

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