Thursday, August 20, 2015

How to Pet Proof Your Floors

Your flooring will always receive a lot of wear and tear as you live life on it. Between kids, spills, dirt, shoes and food your floors are always needing to be cleaned and cared for, but throw a pet in the mix and now you'll need to be even more cautious. Some flooring types are better than others when you have pets, and there are ways to protect them! Here are a few tips for pet-proofing your floors!

Different Floors - Different Cleaners

Carpet - Carpet and rugs are probably going to show the most wear and stains if not cared for properly. Stains and smells can soak all the way to the padding, which can make them a challenge to clean. Some carpets do come with a sealant on them, and this can help repel stains. Your best friend will be a shampooer and a vacuum. You can get pet stain removers to get the stain out, and then we recommend a scheduled shampoo of the carpets and rugs to keep them looking nice, and reduce the chances of having to replace the entire thing.

Wood - If your wood floors are finished, you'll have less of a problem than with floors that are unfinished. The goal is to get the messes cleaned up as quickly as possible. Putting rugs down will help with protecting your floors, and always be sure to clean under the rug when messes happen. Untreated messes that seep through the rug can be disastrous.

Laminate - The coating on these floors can dissolve from urine, and moisture can make the laminate warp. Your best bet is to get the mess cleaned up immediately. Laminate isn't sensitive to cleaners, but it is to acidic messes.

Ways to Protect Your Floors

Carpet - A temporary way to protect your carpet, which can be a bit unsightly - but very effective, is to put a heavy plastic covering that sticks on one side over the carpet. If you are getting ready to install carpeting, a good solution is a moisture proof pad! You can also spray something such as Scotchguard on your carpet to create a barrier. You'll probably have to reapply it monthly at least.

Wood - Vinyl tablecloths with a fabric backing can help when covering a large area. For absorption you can try newspapers or paper towels on top. If you're looking for something more permanent, you can use a water based coating to create a barrier that will help repel messes. Even with a barrier, you will still want to clean messes up immediately.

Laminate - You won't be able to apply a coating to laminate, but you can utilize the tips from above to help save your laminate from wear and tear.

These are a just a few tips that can help you protect your floors from your favorite, fuzzy family members! After a certain amount of time, some flooring just needs replaced - and when that day comes, we're here for you! Our flooring showroom in Madison is stocked full of flooring options that will leave your home looking beautiful! From carpet, LVT tile, laminate, hardwoods, bamboo and cork, we have MANY options for you and your family. We have the best flooring selection in Madison, and we can't wait to help you improve your home. Come visit the best flooring store in Madison and let us show you how beautiful your home can look!

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