Monday, February 16, 2015

Go Green with Floors for Less!

Floors for Less offers many "GREEN" products. The definition of what is green, or environmentally friendly, can vary. For our Madison flooring company, green means new products created from recycled materials. Why not be a good steward of natural resources, especially when the products are fashionable and priced fairly?


It's easy to buy Bamboo and then pat yourself on the back thinking you just saved the earth. Nothing is that easy though. If you really care about the environment and want a durable floor, you will need to dig for more information. One easy rule is, if the information is not readily available, the Bamboo is probably not manufactured to standards that make it a truly "green" product. Unlike North American hardwood that is cut and milled, Bamboo is processed. It is crushed and then glued together. There are many pitfalls within that process.

Silent Night

Floors for Less is very proud of this product. This is foundation padding for laminate flooring and engineered float floors, and it is a great noise barrier for hardwood flooring installations. Silent Night is made from 95% recycled rubber. It is the best acoustical pad and is naturally anti-microbial. It has an IIC rating of 60 decibels, one of the highest ratings in the market today. It comes in 100 SF rolls that are 48 inches wide.

LVT Tile

Direct glue down or click lock tile or plank look LVT is rated for commercial use. It's great in basements, laundry rooms, commercial areas and water problem areas. This product is made from 100% recycled LVT.


What a great product for Wisconsin flooring! Cork is a great fatigue mat due to the natural characteristics of cork. For a workplace, like a kitchen, it's soft under foot, forgiving if you drop something (unlike ceramic tile) and is naturally warmer in our cold Wisconsin winters. Properly harvested, cork recycles itself in 12 years, a great renewable material. Our cork is from Portugal, and cork from Spain and Portugal is noted for it's higher density and longer life. All of our corks have a water based Urethane wear-layer, so they are safe and easy to maintain.

All of our green products are competitively priced. Stop by our flooring store in Madison, Wisconsin today! Our emphasis is on service, knowledge and the ability to help you get started. Whether you're going to install the flooring yourself or have an installer do it for you, our flooring professionals are here to help!

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