Wednesday, February 25, 2015

5 Tips for Protecting Your Hardwood Floors

Madison hardwood floors can be a wonderful investment, but you have to know how to take care of them. They take such a beating! We walk all over them, track dirt on them and still expect them to shine at the end of the day. Floors for Less is here to help you keep your new flooring in tip-top shape. Check out these 5 tips for protecting your hardwood floors from the Readers Digest:

1. Vacuum or Sweep Your Floors Every Week

As you walk around on the hardwood floors moving around dust and dirt, the fine grit in dust, similar to sandpaper, will slowly wear through your floor's finish. A good weekly clean will keep your floors appearance up! If you're using a vacuum, use an attachment with a brush or a felt surface that runs along the floor. Attachments with rotating brushes or a beater bar can actually scratch the finish. You can also just use a dust mop or one of the microfiber sweepers instead.

2. Wipe Up Water Immediately

Water can not only ruin the finish on a hardwood floor, but can penetrate deep into the wood, staining it. Be sure to close your windows if you are expecting rain. If you have any potted plants, be sure to put trays under them and always immediately wipe up any water you see.

3. Be Careful with Cleaners

You should always wipe up spills and dirt immediately. Then you can use a cleaner to remove any residue that is left over. Be sure to use cleaners that are not harmful to your hardwood floors. Many liquids can damage the finish or stain the floor. Once you do find an appropriate cleaner, be sure not to saturate the floor. Using a damp rag or mop will get the job done without damaging your new hardwood floors in Madison, Wisconsin.

4. Use a Door Mat

While vacuuming, mopping and spot cleaning are great for protecting your floor, wouldn't it be better to just keep the dirt out in the first place? Door mats, inside and outside, are both helpful in keeping dirt and grime off your floors. Be sure to have people wipe their feet as they enter your home. If you want to take extra precautions, you could even ask guests to take their shoes off when they enter and leave them by the door. While these tips may not prevent dirt and dust from building up on your floors, they can certainly reduce it.

5. Protect High-Traffic Zones with Rugs

Walking across the same area several times can eventually wear down the floor's finish in that area. Nice looking area rugs are the easiest way to reduce the wear. However, you want to make sure the rug you choose does not have a backing. Vinyl or rubber backing will trap humidity, which can ruin your floor's finish and even stain or damage the wood. 

By following these tips, you can reduce the amount of wear on your flooring. If your hardwoods have taken enough beating already, consider replacing them. Our Madison flooring company can help you find the perfect flooring at a great value! Stop by the showroom or contact us at 608-442-1200 today!

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