Thursday, June 18, 2015

What To Know About Cork Flooring

Isn't it enough that we have to wake up in the morning? But then we have to walk across a cold floor too?! Make your mornings nicer by installing a floor that will soak in some warmth and keep your tootsies toasty. Puttering around on a cold Wisconsin morning never sounded so good as when you cruise across a beautiful Cork Floor! Floors for Less provides the most beautiful selections on Cork flooring in Madison, Wisconsin. When looking for a unique and beautiful floor, cork is the way to go!

Harvest History

Our cork flooring is harvested from the Cork Oak in Portugal. This region is noted for it's higher cork density and longer life. The tree is not harmed in the process removing the bark, so when looking for Eco-Friendly flooring, this is a great option. Properly harvested, cork recycles itself in 12 years, a great renewable material. When produced, cork bark and other cork waste from manufacturing is ground into small pieces. During the manufacturing process, all the raw materials are used, either for the finished floor, or for an energy source. Any waste created in the production, such as dust and tree trimmings are burned in furnaces that then supply heat to bake the cork. The waste from the process is extremely low, and when looking for the perfect eco-friendly flooring in Madison, Wisconsin, Floors for Less has the perfect option for you!

The Stylish Difference

At Floors for less we have three different color options: Artimus Brown Cork, Artimus Natural Cork, and Amore Natural Cork. This flooring is a snap together, floating floor. The unique colors give you several choices for your home. And the beautiful Urethane wear-layer gives a beautiful glossy finish to this floor. A cork floor can add a beautiful, Green, and warm atmosphere to your home, that cannot be compared to any other wood flooring out there. Among the visual differences, cork floors are also great with acoustics.

The Durable Difference

Cork Flooring is a very durable option when looking for your flooring. It stands up to foot traffic and the spongy character makes for a more cushioned walking surface. Cork also stays warmer than most hard floors, and in Wisconsin, that is a HUGE bonus. Cork is naturally resistant to invasive organisms like mold and mildew. Being a more hypoallergenic flooring than it's competitors makes it great for anyone suffering with allergies. If that isn't enough, cork floors are naturally fire resistant and don't release toxic gases when combusting. When properly maintained it's a very durable option. All of our corks also have a water based Urethane wear-layer, so they are safe and easy to maintain.

When you're looking for a beautiful flooring that will make a difference in the world, but also a difference in the all around look of your home, be sure to contact us! We have some beautiful selections for economical flooring in Madison, Wisconsin, and we would love for you to come in and take a look. Our prices are competitive and our service is exceptional!

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