Thursday, May 21, 2015

7 Mistakes You're Making with Your Hardwood Floors

Madison hardwood flooring is a great way to add value to your home. With beautiful American Walnut or a lighter Natural Ash, Floors for Less has a variety of options to match your room. Our hardwood floors are relatively easy to care for if you avoid the most common mistakes. explains 7 ways you're ruining your wood floors:

1. Rotating Brush Vacuums. 

Vacuums with rotating brushes can be very abrasive to wood flooring. If using a vacuum on your hardwood flooring, be sure to either turn off the brush roll or use an attachment instead. However, you don't want to not vacuum at all. Gritty dirt and dust particles can scratch your floor when they sit for too long.

2. Using Steam Cleaners. 

When using steam to clean your hardwood floors, exercise caution. Skip the steam cleaning if your flooring has a wax finish or the finish is old and worn. Otherwise, use the lightest level of steam your appliance offers and keep it moving across the floor. Don't let the steam sit in once place for too long.

3. Too Much Wet-Cleaning. 

Unless your hardwood floors get a ton of foot traffic, you don't need to mop them more than once a month. Instead, keep them well swept or vacuumed and spot-clean as needed. Be sure to clean up any spills right away, don't let it sit until you're ready to wet-clean for that month.

4. Drenching Your Flooring. 

While today's Wisconsin wood flooring finishes are much more water resistant than before, you don't want to drench them in water and cleaning solutions. When it comes to cleaning your wood floors, a little goes a long way. When its time to wet-clean, do it in patches. Be sure sure to use a damp, not wet, mop or cloth and then dry the area promptly.

5. Wrong Type of Rug. 

Rubber-backed rugs and mats or rubber mesh pads can dull your floor's shine and even cause discoloration. To protect your flooring, use a combination felt and rubber pad instead.

6. Sun Exposure. 

Too much sun exposure can also cause discoloration in your wood flooring in Madison. When the sun is at its strongest, be sure to keep the blinds or shades closed. This will limit the color change and also the drying out of the wood's finish.

7. No Caution with Sharp Objects. 

Hopefully you already know that sharp objects and wood flooring don't mix. However, there are a few sharp objects that are often overlooked. This includes your pets' claws and high-heeled shoes. To avoid scratches and other issues from these sharp objects, keep your pets' nails trimmed and take your heels off at the door.

Following these tips will help you keep your new hardwood floors in Madison Wisconsin looking great! At Floors for Less, all of our hardwood comes from local distributors, allowing us to offer you great product at an even better value. Stop by the showroom or give us a call today at 608-442-1200!

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