Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Simple Ways to Clean Your Tile and Grout

Tile flooring, especially the grout part, can be extremely hard to keep clean. Even after sweeping, crumbs and dirt can be left behind. A simple wipe of a tiled surface can sometimes miss spots because the grout lines are often slightly deeper than the surface. Floors for Less wants to share these tile cleaning tips from Better Home and Gardens with you to help keep your tile floors looking great!

Tile Cleaning Basics

Too keep your Madison tile floors looking beautiful, regular cleaning is required. Start by sweeping or vacuuming your glazed tile floors regularly to keep them from getting dull. While tile may be resistant to dirt, sand and grit can dull the surface. Once you swept away any small particles, clean the tile with mild detergent and clean water. Be sure to use a rag or chamois-type mop rather than a sponge mop. Sponge mops push dirty water into grout lines and makes them harder to clean. Also make sure to change the water frequently because dirty water will make the floor look cloudy.

If a basic cleaning doesn't do the trick, here are couple more tips for making your tile floors in Madison, Wisconsin look great!

1. Removing Residue - If your tiles look hazy, they may have some type of residue on them. You can easily remove the film with a nonabrasive all-purpose cleaner. If needed, you could try a mild acid, such as fresh lemon juice, on ceramic tile. However, never use anything acidic on marble tile. Be sure to rinse the tile thoroughly with clean water and then buff dry with a clean, lint-free cloth.

2. Great Looking Grout - The real secret to having a great looking tile floor is keeping the grout clean as well. A simple sweep and mop of the tile doesn't take care of the grout. Grout is porous and absorbs grease and other stains. Below are some grout cleaning tips for you to try!

Cleaning the Grout

Grout lines are magnets when it comes to attracting dirt and grime. Dingy grout can detract from the beauty of your tile. Often times, you can clean your grout with common household products. This video shows a couple of these methods.

If your grout is stained to where these products don't get the job done, try one of the other methods listed below:

1. New Tile and Grout - If you have just purchased new tile and grout, now is the time to start cleaning it. Some preventative maintenance can help you avoid the methods described above. Keep your new grout looking its best by using a grout sealer 10-14 days after the grout cures.

2. Lightly Stained Grout - If your grout is not just dirty but is actually stained, use a strong bleach solution. Use 3/4 cup of bleach to 1 gallon of water. Scrub this solution with a small brush or toothbrush. Don't scrub too hard because it is possible to damage the grout. Wear safety goggles to prevent the bleach from spattering in your eyes and keep the area well ventilated. If you don't want to use bleach, try a foaming grout cleaner. If you go this route, you may need to soak the area for several minutes for it to be effective.

3. Deeply Stained Grout - Many professional carpet cleaning services can also clean tile and grout. If the home remedies or store bought grout products don't get rid of the stains, consider this option. If that still doesn't work, it is probably time to replace the grout. You can purchase a special tool for removing grout. Once you've removed the grout, clean the space between the tiles with a strong bleach solution. Now you are ready to apply new grout and re-seal it. Be careful to not spill bleach on porcelain because the solution might cause pitting, or yellow or pink stains.

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